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The scent of this oil is enthralling and it draws you into itself, if you will. I have purchased various oils of this nature but none of them has an affect such as this. It is as though you become a part of this oil and it becomes one with you. Thank you for this!

I should make mention as well that the shipping was expeditious and great care was taken in the secure packaging of this grand oil.

Kim R.

I've tried every scent and this stuff is like magic potion! It smells divine and I got a diffuser as a gift for my Mom and she's in love with it.

Ronnie P.

Amazing. Alluring. Powerful. Gentle. Sensual. Warm. Relaxing yet exciting. These are the words that come to my mind with regards to this oil. I purchased it in the roller ball vial for personal use and then noticed it's availability in a diffuser. I opened the securely shipped package and and pulled the plug on the diffuser bottle. I settled some of the reeds inside the liquid and within an hour or so, my living room was transformed into an area that incorporated all of those words you see listed in the beginning of this review.

Rachel Farhani

Always carry it on me -Plus it’s for Men and Women so i gave one to my mom cuz she’s awesome, and so is this stuff. Get it for your man just watch out for his coworkers hitting on him. Can’t argue with nature, it’s an attention getting, amazing smelling!!!!!!!

Chris Santiago

I've been using Pure Essence for years, and this is the only product I trust, and it really works!!

Jessica R.

This is my favorite scent by far. It's not overpowering and I get compliments on it all day, every day!! I'll be a customer for life.

Michael E.

This smells so amazing. Will definitely be a repeat customer!

Manny Klein

Smells great! Smells soo good before and after applying and smells very floral on my skin when using. Tried it on date night, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself :)

Leslie Bader

Love it! I have using this product now for YEARS!!! It is my secret scent... Thank you 🙏🏾 for always curating a great product!

Charles Patrick

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Attraction & Socialization.
Improving your natural scent will make you feel more attractive and helps boost your overall self confidence.

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Increase Attraction!

Influence feelings and thoughts which in turn influence behavior. Get an edge to enhance what is already naturally there with the mild

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Pure Essence is Unisex and smells different on Men & Women. It blends with your natural scent. Read our Reviews and see what everyone is raving about!

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